Carter Mason is the main protagonist of Princess Protection Program. She is the daughter of Joe Mason, an agent of the Princess Protection Program. She is played by Selena Gomez.

Carter is an insecure girl who works at the local bait shop her dad owns. She dreams of becoming her crush, Donny's, girlfriend ever since they kissed under the basketball hoop when they were in the 3rd grade. Carter is at first annoyed with her father when taking in Princess Rosalinda into their home, but let's that annoyance go when she gets to know Rosalinda, or now known to be Rosie. Carter teaches Rosie how to become a normal American teenager while she teaches her to become a princess. They become best friends and their friendship grows so much that she saves her from the people trying to kidnap her.

Carter wears regular, simple makeup with her hair down in two ponytails, or two braids, or a ponytail most of the time. She wears a simple pair of jeans and shirts most of the time, and likes to wear baseball caps outside.

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