Chelsea Barnes is a popular, self centered, and bossy girl at her school who would do everything to become the Homecoming Queen. She is a rival of Carter Mason and Rosie Gonzalez and best friend of Brooke Angels. Chelsea is played by Jamie Chung. At the end, she and Brooke are no longer friends after Brooke realizes Chelsea is a jerk and Brooke becomes kind, honest and nice.

Role in the story Edit

Chelsea is first

Personality Edit

Initially introduced as a fashion-loving teenage girl, Chelsea is revealed to be a rude, demanding, bossy, self-centered, egotistical, and ill-mannered person with no qualms of her actions, whether at the expense of humiliating Carter and Rosie or ordering Margaret around and is implied to have controlled the entire student body. Moreover, she can be scathing and vituperative when things doesn't go her way.

Her friendship with Brooke, though not stated outright, could have been formed by peer pressure, as Chelsea most likely used her father's status as a method for gaining popularity. It's also implied that she made Donny and Bull into her flunkies and told them to ignore Carter. Eventually, Brooke had had enough of her attitude and breaks up with her for good.

It's also quite clear, Chelsea's sense of right and wrong deteriorates near the end of the story , as she is unwilling to accept defeat and resorts to stealing Rosie's homecoming crown, but is unmatched by the latter.

In a sense, Chelsea is what Rosie and Carter would have been if she isn't kind to others.