Mr. Elegante is a character featured in Princess Protection Program. He is Princess Rosalinda's royal dress designer and a close friend to the Royal Family of Costa Luna.

Plot Edit

Mr. Elegante is first seen during Princess Rosalinda's coronation rehearsal. When General Kane interrupts the rehearsal and orders his henchmen to seize the royal family, Mr. Elegante is trying to safe them but is captured by Kane's henchmen.

During Kane's occupation, he served as his personal fashion designer though he secretly is still loyal to the royal family. In order to liberate Costa Luna from Kane's occupation, he joins force with Carter Mason to lure Kane to Louisiana so that he can be apprehended by the Princess Protection Program agents. He pretends to betray the royal family by telling Kane about Princess Rosalinda's location where she will be attending a homecoming dance and what dress she will be wearing. Unbeknownst to him, Elegante actually sends the dress to Carter. At the end of the movie, he is seen attending Rosalinda's coronation and is proud of her.

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